Protect your car from the moment it leaves the dealership. Our top of the range ceramic coating has a LIFETIME guarantee on new cars. The standard dealership paint protection will not preserve your paint in the same way. Don’t leave your car unprotected!

The benefits include:

  • Protection from UV rays which dull the paint finish over time.
  • Much easier to maintain the vehicles paintwork and look when washing.
  • Protection from light scratches.
  • Additional protection against bird lime.
  • Prolongs re-sale value.

Whatever vehicle you own, we believe that by protecting the paintwork you are adding value and extending the lifetime of your car or van.

The paint protection process should only be carried out by trained professionals. Car Clinic pride themselves on giving the best service possible and only use the highest quality products. We provide an after-care document for you to follow, along with products you can buy from us to help keep your vehicle looking great at all times.

Give us a call or email and we will be delighted to help you.


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