✓ S.M.A.R.T repairs – dents, scratches and alloy wheel repairs.

Smart repairs stand for, “small to medium area repair technique”. If you have scratched your paintwork, dented your bumper, or scuffed your alloy wheel we can carry out a smart repair to correct this damage. We offer a mobile service – we come to your home or work to do the entire service, or we can collect and deliver your vehicle from our workshop.

✓ Paint corrections and paint protection

Paint correction is dealing with minor scratches and faded paintwork by machine polishing and decontaminating the paint’s surface. Paint protection is applying a sealant or ceramic coating to the corrected and prepared paintwork.

Click here for more info on our new vehicle paint protection service.

✓  Vehicle detailing.

Vehicle detailing has a few elements to it depending on the needs of a client. At it’s most basic form it’s a valet for the exterior and interior of a vehicle. The next level is where the paintwork has suffered light scratches or colour discolouration which need correction via machine polishing and recoating with wax. The complete detail: exterior paint decontamination, machine polishing followed by a protective coating applied to the exterior with a ceramic coating which has great durability and protects the paintwork from UV rays, chemical contamination and light scratching.

✓ Colour Coding

This is simply repainting the non-coloured parts of a vehicle i.e. bumpers, mouldings, grilles, spoilers in the same colour as the main body of the vehicle. This involves the removal of any non-coloured parts and then repainting them in the colour of the body and refitting them. This includes chrome mouldings as well.

✓  Vehicle wrapping.

This service involves applying a vinyl wrap material to the exterior of a car, van, boat etc. People like this for several reasons; to protect the paintwork of the vehicle or they may not like the colour of the vehicle so they can make this change to suit themselves and then remove the wrap when they sell their vehicle or send it back to the lease company.

✓ Interior coatings for vans and pickups.

This service is mainly for commercial vehicles like vans and pick up trucks. The product used protects the interior paintwork in areas like the loading area or the inside of a van paintwork where normally they may have fitted a plywood finish, so it is cost effective to do this. This product is also particularly useful for protecting the likes of lorry chassis, cabs, waste collection vehicles and general van drivers’ vehicles where they are used daily for heavy work.

✓ End of lease service

Essentially this is a service we offer to help customers reduce their costs when they return their leased vehicle back to the leasing company. It can be very costly if you let the lease companies deal with this at the end of the lease. We are there to advise and carry out all the minor works to get the vehicle back to pre-leasing condition without too much expense.


To book in for a service please email rene@carclinic.biz or call us on 07717725738. If you’re not sure which service will best suit your needs we are always happy to advise.